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Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is website promotion, and why do I need your services.

Website promotion is basically a marketing service we provide to help websites get established on the net. You need our services if you want your site to get traffic. Traffic = Money. So by investing in my company's services you are really investing in you own successes.

2. Do I need to submit my site to search engines every month?

No If you use a good submission company and you have good content there is no reason to resubmit more than every 6 months or even once a year. If you make a lot of changes to your site it might be a good idea to resubmit more often. The whole resubmit every month fad is a ploy by submission companies to keep filler business between other clients.

3. How are you able to set a price on your optimization service since every site is different.

I am a firm believer that once you optimize someone's site, you should show them basics so they to can do updates. We are not here to rip anyone off. Once you have the knowledge and you have the skills my services are no longer needed. So in answer to your question. I charge my set price for the home page only. Then included with that is basic knowledge and skills needed to update the rest of the site. With my services I submit a list of changes and suggestions. Then you personally have to do the changing. This ensures you can learn how to do it. If you get lost I am always available via email with free promotion support to all of my clients.

4. I noticed you have a members area now why should I sign up?

Plain and simple.. 1 it is FREE 2. it has lots of valuable information 3. You can get members only discounts on the services provided by this company.

How high up in the search engine ranking do you think you could  put a small town antiques shop? He wants me to do a live auction site for him but needs to make sure he will get noticed before he proceeds.

When it comes to auction sites 95% of them will fail. This is due to the
complete monopoly Ebay has, however if he focuses on a niche such as
antiques he will do quite better.  I will explain a common misconception on
rankings for you so you can understand it a little better. It is not hard to
get a top 10 ranking in search engines for keywords that aren't search for.
So all those SEOs who promise you top rankings, aren't worth anything...
What I do is do research, I find out what words would have the best return
on it investment. I look up other similar businesses; see what keywords they
are using. Then I see what keywords have the most traffic, but the least
amount of competition.  Then I focus on those keywords, and start building
links with websites sharing the keywords we have in common. This process is
sometimes called natural SEO. It takes a few months to see really get good
results, but it is the only way to get good exposure without purchasing a
million links, or working for google. The beauty of my service is I do all
the homework; I research your market, and build your links for you.

Since your market is a niche and kind of small it should be no problem
getting higher rankings, however it may be worth exploring some larger
market keywords as well. I specialize in getting small businesses
established on the internet. I make no promises with numbers or placement,
and no honest seo company should, however I do offer a money back guarantee,
and have had 100% happy customers who have used this service. After my
services are done, I will submit some other websites worth advertising on
for you in a list, so you will not be left out in the cold.... I also offer
unlimited support, although there is times it takes me upwards or 4 days to
answer emails depending on my workload, but I will always be here to help

6. For those of us that don't own a website what is it that you do?

I get this one a lot from family and friends. Basically I am a marketing consultant. I help make sure peoples websites get traffic. I also do website design

7. What is with the possum he looks debonair?

Personally I really love the possum. I have had a lot of comments either way. He is doing his job just like the spong monkeys for Quiznos.

8. Do you have a portfolio of some of your website design work?

Yes I do,

9. Will you work for me as our full time web designer and promoter?

Yes, I am currently seeking employment. If you like my work please email me and I will give you my resume.

10. How can I contact you with more questions?

Email me  or by phone 509-741-9511



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We offer a satisfaction guarantee on all of our services. and tools.  If you are unhappy about any of the services I have provided, email me At we value you as a customer and are here to help you succeed. All information obtained through our services is strictly confidential and will not be used in any means other than for our own personal use.  You will find our personal service to be the best deal there is. Thanks for looking at my site, if I can help you any way let me know.. I hope your website promotion, optimization, and submission service needs were met.
-Ryan Churchill Webmaster


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