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Website Evaluation Service: We examine your website's homepage and do a complete diagnostic. We check for broken links, miss spellings, html errors, and give you a easy to read email with all the things you could do to help make your website more search engine friendly. This includes us analyzing all the code of your site. This is a great choice for all the do it yourself webmasters. We basically tell you what wrong and how you can fix it.

This service cost $35.00



Internet Presence Evaluation Service: With this service we take the url you give us and do a complete check of it. This service includes a list of all the back-links, check to make sure you are in the top 20 search engines, Robots.txt check, meta tag check, Google Page rank ( or predicted rank if they are not yet  ranked), Alexa rank, keyword rank check for 3 top keywords, internet presence check to see how many websites mention your website on the net, and an Awesome-Possum trustworthiness score. ( To see whether your site oozes trust or scares away your customers based on a 1-10 point scale.)

This service cost $45.00


Possum Trustworthiness Evaluation: We take a look at your website or a website you want to link with. We examine all aspects of their sites to determine its trustworthiness. The scale is 1-10 with 10 being the highest (most trustworthy). With the purchase of this service you will receive an email report with all of our findings. It is basically a background check for websites. It also will help tell you whether or not it is user friendly, or if it scares away your customers. This is a great service for those doing link building on their site. You find a link, we tell you if it would benefit you or not. A great way to not get suckered in to paying to much for links, or loosing rankings for linking to a blacklisted website. At the price it is well worth the time and homework spent while link building. You can also have your personal site rated. This is valuable tool to help see your website in the eyes of a consumer. This feedback could potentially improve sales, and help you customer relations. The score only counts for the day it was examined, because we can not control what people do to their websites.

This service cost $8.95 per URL.






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We offer a satisfaction guarantee on all of our services. and tools.  If you are unhappy about any of the services I have provided, email me At we value you as a customer and are here to help you succeed. All information obtained through our services is strictly confidential and will not be used in any means other than for our own personal use.  You will find our personal service to be the best deal there is. Thanks for looking at my site, if I can help you any way let me know.. I hope your website promotion, optimization, and submission service needs were met.
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